Simple visuals that help to showcase and understand complex ideas, relationships and concepts

I started exploring the power of visuals in group learning and processes in 2016 and since then it’s been an ongoing exploration and awe. Each year I attend and run several workshops on drawing skills. The drawing style is based on “fast and simple” iconography that is still able to convey the message and therefore supporting the understanding of the conversation.


My task is to listen to the presentation and capture the essence of your event with visual notetaking. The drawing is happening in real-time. Graphic recording can happen online (I create digital drawing) or in face-to-face events (I draw on paper or tablet).
I don’t have an active role during the process but it is very nice if I get a space to present my drawing and insights to the audience. Prior in-depth preparation with a client is crucial so that I have enough clarity on what is important for you to communicate with the drawing and how you wish to use it.

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I listen to your conversations and make a drawing of it that helps you reflect about the topics, clearly articulate the issue and make decisions. I ask questions, share my opinion, synthesise and aim to bring in a fresh perspective.
My role in the process is shifting from observer to active contributor. It is one of my gifts to digest complex, chaotic information and make it understandable.

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Based on your needs I create illustrations that support the communication of your message. My illustrations can be: 
– simple icons and drawings that are used in presentations and booklets,
– animated text and drawings within larger video (check this out),
– artistic and used on cards,
– artistic cover images (as the ones I do for my podcast).
– …

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To learn basic visual vocabulary and handy tricks that increase capacity for creating appealing, informative, and beautiful posters or personal notes to spice up your meetings with creativity and verbal synthesis I can hold for you and your team a workshop on drawing skills.
I’m very happy to offer this workshop also in an online format. In my experience 3x of 2 hours is a good enough to cover the basics, practice together and give feedback to your drawings.

To get basic introduction check my free class on Skillshare ⬇️⬇️

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Learn tips and tricks to bring visuals to your meetings

Click the link below and sign-up to receive 14 days of free Skillshare Premium and access this course of 45 minutes.


Participatory processes and
emergance of collective leadership

As a student I was obsessed with attending all kinds of workshops and at some point, I started paying attention to how I feel as a participant regarding what leaders do. Later on, I naturally progressed to attending trainings about facilitation and leading group processes and now I’m the happiest person when supporting groups to leverage their collective intelligence in participatory processes.


My role is to design a process where each group member can express themselves while building up the capacity of the group to collectively move towards a solution. It’s amazing to me that I do not need to be an expert for the topic that we are addressing as this is what you bring in, I just need to make sure that you can express this at the right time to the right team members.

I’m driven by my personal experience as a participants and so the wellbeing of participants is my priority. I make sure you have enough breaks, diversity of learning methods to address various learning styles and what is most important opportunity to connect on a deeper level with your colleagues.

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I will design a process to meet your needs and use lots of visuals to support this as well as invite you to draw and express visually. Don’t panic! We will enter with drawing lightly and with no pressure so that everybody can enjoy the ride.

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Two heads know more than one and so I’m collaborating with my friend & colleague Jake to shift the group culture and processes to the next level.

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Online Collaboration

When I embarked on the first international project in 2015 I started working online. Zoom, Google Drive and other online collaboration tools are my everyday reality and I do see and experience deep connection and productivity that can be achieved in the virtual reality. How do I make it happen?

Two screens on online events

I’m very comfortable with Zoom and It’s very nice to see the faces while still being able to scroll through the notes, look for the documents and google interesting things that come up.


At the end of 2019 I got myself an Ipad with the intention to give my drawings a digital flavour. The lockdown gave me time and opportunity to master the tool.

Showing the drawing

I usually show my drawings on Ipad either by directly screensharing the screen or creating a virtual camera setting where you can see my face and drawing simultanously as my video (at least in Zoom).

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