From biology…

Passion for nature

I studied biology as, at that point in my life, I saw this as a way to help nature and humans be more sustainable. I finished my uni totally frustrated as I didn’t want to be a nature conservative inspector annoying people with legislation, restrictions, and fines. After stumbling upon permaculture and ecovillages I found myself in a community/Ecovillage project, Sieben Linden, that deeply values nature and humans.

training and learning business partner
… to ecovillages and group work

Passion for people

This period of my life was precious as it gave me the opportunity to further develop my facilitation and leadership skills. It was an opportunity for me to work through many of my personal issues and begin to embody the values of acceptance and trust in people and process. Some of the methods and tools I explored are:

Art of Hosting
Dragon Dreaming
The Work That Reconnects (Deep Ecology)
Non-formal education and youth work
Non-Violent Communication

What is currently important to me is to share what I’ve become with the groups that are striving to shift in their way of working, communication and being by holding space for their transformation with my skills, knowledge and awareness.

training and learning business partner
… to ecovillages and group work


Lara is wonderful in transforming a decision-making process into something simple, meaningful and even fun! She supports groups in finding out of the box solutions with her sweet but firm energy. She can quickly set up an easy-going and welcoming atmosphere. Her graphic facilitation makes a difference between a dull meeting and a memorable one.



I have been working with Lara on a training course Cherry on the Cake which was fully online training with numerous meetings and diverse activities. Lara was bringing a lot creativity and flexibility in our team work and in the program design and implementation. She brought a lot of personal touch, positive approach and energy which was appreciated by the group. She was quickly responding to sometimes unpredictable challenges of online learning and I appreciated that a lot. Being with Lara in the team made the whole online learning journey more playful, fun but also intense and more focused. Valuable experience for me.



Working with Lara felt like going on a magical creative adventure. I had an idea that needed to be expressed in creative form. Lara listened deeply – not just with her ears and mind, but from her heart. From this place it felt like she understood the conversation under the conversation, the importance of the collaboration and that the fruits of the collaboration could be a tool to inspire and elevate others. She dedicated her time, was flexible in her approach and from beginning till the end was a pleasure to work with. In the 3 days we worked with each other I made a talented friend.


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It is always a pleasure to collaborate
with like minded partners


Yes, we can make it happen.


Očitno je znanje tega jezika tudi tvoja super moč.


Ich mag Deutsch, ich kann auch fast alles verstehen.


As freelancer I like working on projects. Each has a different taste, content and aim but still I see how they all help me embody the values of people care and nature care. Many of my past projects were funded by Erasmus+ and closely linked to my engagement in NGO sector.

Children in Permaculture

My first big international collaboration where we were about 15 people collaborating for almost three years to create a curriculum to engage children in outdoor and nature activities.

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Mother Nature

Amazing international collaboration of more than 10 women to create book and card deck to support mother in the journey of motherhood. This project empowered me to start empowering women in Slovenia to run their own women circles.

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Yes to Sustainability / GEN

My connection with ecovillages is currently alive through running trainings for youth workers on how to facilitate and lead youth exchanges and welcome in their communities ESC volunteers.

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